Young labour equaliTies ElectiOns

Leon Alleyne-McLaughlin
Roshi Woodroffe Northover
Sheldon Allen
Kira Lewis

This year's Young Labour elections are for our liberation groups. They are your chance to have a say on who represents you.

We are experienced in our party's structures, dedicated to uplifting our liberation groups and passionate about  making Young Labour an open and welcoming place to be. 

We are all in multiple liberation groups and understand that to get our next Labour Government, our party has to be an actively inclusive space and listen to the voices of members like us.

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Sheldon fOr BAME Officer

I’m Sheldon, I’m 19 and my pronouns are he/him.

Growing up in South East London, I was told Black Lives don’t matter. To me they didn’t matter when I was stopped and searched, they didn’t matter when I was bullied online for being black. It felt like they didn’t matter when I watched George Floyd suffocate. But our movement knows it matters.

For us, BLM isn’t a hashtag or a trend. It can’t be when the people being murdered, or ignored or profiled look like me and my family. I can’t just talk about structural racism as an abstract concept – I live it. Therefore, my political home chose me, it has always been Labour and always will.


But, the movement has got a mountain to climb, this cannot just be a moment. The BAME community is diverse, and we are not one homogeneous group. We each face different forms of oppression, but we must stand united against all forms of racism. We need to not only tackle anti black racism, but antisemitism, GRT racism, Islamophobia, colourism. History has taught us that young radicals have been ahead of the curve and that is what Young Labour has the potential to be – and that is why I am running.

Sheldon Transparent.png

As your next BAME Officer I will:

- Push for an independent Complaints Procedure for BAME Members, enabling BAME members to report micro-aggressions and be supported in this process by an independent case worker who will not just take the complaint forward but help and support the member.   

- Push to become a truly anti-racist party by actively calling out racism and antisemitism where I see it. I will support organisations like JLM in their campaigns to raise awareness on how to tackle racism.

- Push for better Representation of BAME members by supporting BAME members to run for positions in and outside the party. I will also support the renewal of our BAME structures, with a new brand and renewed focus to aid the representation of our members.  

We are so pleased to all have been nominated by young members to be on the ballot paper for the elections. Thank you to the young members, CLPs, Young Labour groups, socialist societies and trade unions who nominated us! 

You can check out nominations here:

THAnk You!