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We were really pleased that the new National Labour Students organisation was approved by the NEC and passed by Conference. This means we officially have a National Labour Students structure! The structure that was approved was heavily influenced by our submission that we drafted together earlier this year, which is a fantastic achievement.

ReGiSter as a Student Member 

To vote in the next student wing elections, you will need to register as a student member of The Labour Party. You'll need your student ID to do so.

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We successfully won STV (Single Transferable Vote) for committee elections, inclusive officer positions (including a trans officer), and ensured 

the political autonomy of Welsh and Scottish student wings. As we asked for, the new wing is especially, and specifically, inclusive of Further Education (16-19), school students and Mature students.

This submission was written by students and submitted to The Labour Party in-line with their consultation for the new student structure.

It focuses on making the structure as accessible as possible, increasing representation of our liberation groups, and making sure everyone has the chance to get involved through an open voting system.

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What should be the key aims and objectives of the new student structure?

How should the structure cater for the different demographics within the student membership?

What level of autonomy should a new student structure have, and how should it interact with existing structures?

What relationship should it have to education institutions and the student union movement?

What practical support is needed to help student branches recruit, organise and campaign?

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