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We are organising to build structures supportive of The Labour Party across our campuses and in Young Labour.


We are all committed to fighting for our next Labour Government.


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wAnT In? JoiN us:



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STAnd fOr

Labour to Win aims to bring members together who share the belief that the party must change radically if we are to return to being election winners.

We are committed to building the broadest possible coalition with everyone of goodwill who believes a better future is possible for Labour and the country.

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aim tO

Standing up for
social democratic values


Working together to make Keir Starmer's leadership a success

Building diverse networks of new
and existing young and student Labour activists


Training and educating the next generation of Labour candidates, activists and campaigners


Campaigning for Labour candidates across England, Scotland and Wales

Supporting young candidates and councillors to help them get elected

Bringing students together from all over the country to support The Labour Party

Calling for an open and inclusive Young Labour and Labour Students

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we 're buildiNg a party ready fOr government agaiN

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